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firefox- Upgrade Problems in F7


It looks like firefox- finally made it to F7 updates.
Unfortunately, this breaks a couple of dependencies (for me, Miro,
gnome-gtk2-gtkmozembed, yelp and devhelp).

I understand that Miro is still heavily under development and might need
to hard-require a specific version of firefox (
gnome-gtk2-gtkmozembed might also be just as sensitive to changes. My
question, though, is what functionalities are in place to catch
dependency breakages when packages are uploaded to the repository? Does
the system inform the breaking package maintainer that his check-in will
break other packages? Does it inform the broken package maintainers that
they need to update their packages? Is there an easy way to allow
multiple installations to support both versions? Most importantly, is
there a way that such check-ins can be postponed in a containment unit
pending check-ins of packages which resolve the breakage in that
specific repository (by this, I mean fedora-updates, but do third-party
repos have a system for resolving their own problems)?

Richi Plana

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