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Re: Mass Branching for F-8 (round 2)

On Sat, Oct 20, 2007 at 10:04:39PM -0400, Jesse Keating wrote:
> The branching is done.  CVS commits have been re-enabled.  If your
> package is missing an F-8 branch please mail rel-eng fedoraproject org
> and we'll look into it.

Well the pkgdb part of this seems to have gone wrong for *all* the
lvm-team-owned projects, unfortunately.

Specifically, the Fedora 7 permissions were not copied across to the
new Fedora 8 correctly:

  lvm2 and device-mapper: mostly cloned OK, but 2 users were not granted
  "commit" access for F8, although they have it for the other collections.
  When I try to grant this manually, I get the error "<number> is not in a
  group that is allowed to hold the commit acl".  Yet of course they hold
  the commit acl elsewhere.

  dmraid and device-mapper-multipath: only *one* user was given access to
  F8 (watchcommits and commit).  Nobody has "approveacls" so we cannot
  even attempt to fix this ourselves.
What quality assurance was performed on this data edit?  Why didn't the
scripts performing the change flag up any errors?  And what about
checking the results of a major data edit like this for inconsistencies
afterwards: Were any other packages affected similarly?

agk redhat com

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