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F8 blocker bug status report - testers needed!

Hi folks,

The QA team went through the F8Blocker bug list today. The good news is
that a lot of the things that would have blocked the release are fixed -
we're down under 20 blocker bugs (not including trackers). 

The current blocker list can be found here: 

We need help testing and evaluating some of these bugs - some of them
only affect certain hardware or less-common software configurations. We
need to know how widespread the problems are in order to decide whether
a given problem is actually worth delaying the release to fix.

Please look through this list and see if there's anything you could help
to test. 

In order by bug ID, here's a look at our current blocker bugs, with

* Bug 208607: ASSIGNED - kernel-maint redhat com
- mkinitrd: iSCSI root requires crc32c module

iSCSI is a tricky beast. This didn't work right in F7 either, so it's
not a new problem, just something we were planning to have fixed
properly for F8. Instead we will probably end up building crc32c into
the kernel so that iSCSI-root works properly.

If you've got iSCSI hardware, it would be excellent if you could help us
test installation (after we get this change in..). Adding yourself to
the CC list for the bug would be a great idea.

* Bug 242536: ASSIGNED - alan redhat com
- [pata_via] Anaconda failed after formatting the / partition
* Bug 242766: ASSIGNED - alan redhat com
- [pata_via via82c596a] hard drive not found during install attempt

If anyone has pata_via hardware, please speak up! We need to know how
much impact these bugs will have, testing help, etc.

* Bug 253892: ASSIGNED - vcrhonek redhat com
- There is no usable romanian keymap for the linux console

An earlier fix didn't work. It's unclear whether this actually prevents
Romanian users from using their systems (which would make it a blocker)
but the fix should be simple, so it stays for now.

* Bug 264901: NEW - notting redhat com
- oops, we have multiple sources of persistent network names active at
the same time

notting says that this is (more or less) fixed for things in the default
install. We're trying to work out ways to test it. This may get dropped
from the blocker list and fully fixed in F9-rawhide.

* Bug 311511: NEEDINFO - dcbw redhat com
- x86_64 iwl3945 NM crash after Keyring loop Deny

A fix for this has been committed, we're waiting for the reporter to
confirm. If you can confirm this fix, that would help.

* Bug 323371: ASSIGNED - dcbw redhat com
- NM 0.7 doesn't support WPA/WPA2 Enterprise (certificate-based

This is also fixed, in theory, but the original reporter is having
problems beyond WPA/WPA2 Enterprise. If you can confirm WPA or WPA2
Enterprise is working with current NetworkManager 
(NetworkManager-0.7.0-0.3.svn3016.fc8, in koji or tomorrow's rawhide)
please comment on the bug.

* Bug 330931: NEEDINFO - katzj redhat com
- liveinst fails - sg devices confuse anaconda?

This involves some interesting hardware - Dell PowerEdge 2650 - so if
you have some of this hardware and can help test / debug, please grab a
copy of the LiveCD and give it a shot.

* Bug 335161: MODIFIED - triad df lth se
- multilib file conflicts in gnokii

A fix for this has been committed and should show up in rawhide

* Bug 338551: NEW - davej redhat com
- kernel does not boot anymore on SK8V

Again, this is a bug with specific hardware - if you have an SK8V
motherboard, we could use testing help. 

* Bug 345841: MODIFIED - dwalsh redhat com
- SELinux denial from cron

This should be fixed in today's rawhide, hopefully the reporter will
retest and close the bug (COUGH COUGH JESSE COUGH SLACKER COUGH)

* Bug 346471: NEW - lvm-team redhat com
- F8T3 Live CD detects LVM groups inside RAID1, without using RAID1

This one is kind of nasty - LVM startup problems on the LiveCD can cause
it to mess around with one mirror of a RAID1 set, which could lead to
desynched mirrors and other badness. It's being investigated.

* Bug 348931: MODIFIED - ehabkost redhat com
- virt-install --nographics --paravirt is broken

There's a fix for this in the kernel-xen-2.6 package in today's rawhide.
If you're a xen user, testing and commenting on this bug would be much

A few more bugs have been added since the QA meeting - I'll comment
about them in a status report later this week.

Thanks for any help, and keep on testin', rawhiders!


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