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Re: ISO file size in bytes?

On Wed, 2007-10-24 at 22:29 -0500, Matt Domsch wrote:

> If you're reading a physical CD or DVD, you can do the same thing.
> Here's a little script I use all the time for getting the size right.
> It prompts you for the name of the ISO you want to create, then reads
> the media using dd; repeat until Ctrl-C.

Right. But if you end up reading more from the disk than you planned,
this will only flag that up (the MD5SUM generated) - it won't tell you
what it should be. So my point from before is somehow semi valid ;-)

> IIRC there was something about using -pad when writing media, but I
> haven't had to do that for a while...

It's down to the size of the ISO image. I haven't had to use pad in a
while, which suggests that most of the ISOs are created in the right
multiples of 2.whatever K or tools like growisofs are handling it.

CDs are fascinating little things. I've got a book on the multiple stage
error correction process somewhere here I used to use for bedtime
reading...these days, coffee is all that's required.


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