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Re: Request permission to break always use system libs rule for asc-2.0

Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
Looking back to my first message I see that I wrote:

 > 2) Create paragui/paragui-devel and SDL-mm/SDL-mm-devel
 > packages from the asc source tarball.

I realize on reading this over that it's unclear whether I meant those to be separate packages in the srpm sense or in the rpm sense. If that's the source of confusion (which may or may not be, I don't know.) then I apologize for causing confusion. This would be clearer if stated as:

  2) Create paragui and SDL-mm binary rpms from the asc source rpm.

Yes, I'm afraid I misunderstood that, doing things that way sounds reasonable . If feasible, I still have to check that.

And thanks for the other long reply in this thread, I'm afraid we've mainly been misunderstanding each other.



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