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Re: nautilus/GNOME VFS ACL support capabilities?

2007/10/25, Jon Masters <jcm redhat com>:
> Yo,
> Rather than sleeping, I was just looking at a few capabilities currently
> in F8 and thinking about what would be nice in the future.
> Unless I'm missing something, GNOME's nautilus (GNOME VFS) doesn't seem
> to understand ACLs. Am I missing something? Heck, I remember 5 or 6
> years ago patching in the original ACL patches from bestbits and even
> setting ACLs remotely from a Windows machine using Samba, by right
> clicking on the export files. Does this not work in nautilus?
> Jon.

With the current broken default permission tab you cant even set
standard permissions like sticky bit, sgid, suid. acls which is
clearly a regression, so why do you expect acls or even extended ext3
attributes would be shown or handled? ;)
There is a user unfriendly way of enabling the old permssion tab with
some magic gconf key... (very user friendly indeed).

Rudolf Kastl

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