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Re: rebuilding galeon and/or Miro (was Re: firefox- Upgrade Problems in F7)

Alex Lancaster wrote:
"AL" == Alex Lancaster  writes:


AL> If the maintainer doesn't respond reasonably quickly, other
AL> maintainers could be permitted to step up to the bat to rebuild
AL> the broken apps against the new firefox themselves.

AL> This would be preferable rather than let those maintainers
AL> (galeon, Miro etc.) discover them through multiple bugs filed on
AL> bugzilla and/or user forums or IRC several days later, dragging
AL> the updating process on, and generating confusion) which seems to
AL> be what tends to happen.

In the interests of getting these security updates up quickly, I'm
taking the liberty to rebuild galeon against the new firefox (I've had
a fair bit of experience rebuilding this application before) .  I'm
currently doing a scratch build in koji, let me know if this isn't OK
with anyone.

Thanks Alex,

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