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Re: Help! Can't update! (was Re: rawhide report: 20071024 changes)

On 10/25/07, Matthew Saltzman <mjs clemson edu> wrote:
> Oh, good, yet another mailing list to track...

I too find that tracking both test-list and devel-list to be quite
cumbersome. To offset that gmail cache test-list and search it for
posts about issues I'm seeing locally instead of practively reading

Maybe there's some sort of aggressive knowledge base technology we can
implement as a Fedora service which does a better job than the
test-list for day to day issues, with a clientside tool working with a
fas account.

Honestly though, as a tester you have to make a certain level of
personal commitment to the process for it to work effectively.
Testing is very much about tracking nearly daily breakage and fixage.

But brainstorming a bit, I wonder can we tie F9 testing in with the
new smolt wiki somehow?  Perhaps by letting people group choose to
group smolt'd system together into a similar hardware group so they
can worth together to track some of the harder hardware specific
issues.  It would require testers to give up some of the privacy
protections that the uuid scheme provides.. but if testers choose to
form groups around similar hardware then it might make for more
effective testing.


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