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Re: Possibility of inclusion of a "kde-desktop-effects" version in compiz

On Friday 26 October 2007 00:00:19 Sebastian Vahl wrote:
> After the removal of beryl I've modified a script by Kevin Kofler so that
> it uses compiz-manager to switch between compiz and kwin. compiz-manager
> itself passed review today (but isn't branched yet). [2]
> The switching script itself should go into compiz-kde and so I've modified
> the latest compiz.spec to include this. But I must fairly say that this is
> only tested by me.

I just tested your package. After having launched it from the KDE menu, it 
displays a very simple popup menu, that allows to choose between compiz or 
KWin. It is far from the possibility of the old beryl-manager. I am looking 
forward to a full port of beryl-manager to compiz-fusion.

The following line in kde-desktop-effects.sh are useless, because one cannot 
see them when launched outside of a terminal (eg with the KDE menu or the 
ALT-F2 launcher):
   echo "Save choice window manager to use it on next startup of KDE"
   echo "Remove ~/.kde/env/kdewm.sh if you encounter problems."

Laurent Rineau

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