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Re: Current problems with Rawhide

Lennart Poettering wrote:
On Fri, 26.10.07 10:24, Harald Hoyer (harald redhat com) wrote:

1)  PulseAudio is horribly, horribly flaky.  I dunno if it's because
it's the SVN version or what, but it crashed more times last night
than it has in the 5 months I used it before that.  Is it normal for
PulseAudio to consume 50%+ of the system memory?
Works fine here. File bugs!
flaky is correct. Sometimes it works without problems, sometimes
every audio app stalls.  Especially, if you use the "user switcher"

Hmm, nebolous claims like this are not really helpful. Please file
bugs and help use tracking down the problems, if there are any.


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sorry, after some investigation it seems my problems are more ACL related when using the "user switcher".

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