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Re: Fedora 8 blocker update - testers needed (still!)

Will Woods wrote:
As promised, here's an update on the current Fedora 8 Blocker list.
As a note: the deadline for blocker fixes is Tuesday, October 29. If we
still have unfixed critical bugs Tuesday, the release will have to be

But I don't think that'll happen. Things are looking OK. We currently
have 14 bugs on the blocker list, which I'll talk about in detail below.
About half of them have fixes that are waiting for confirmation, and a
couple of them could be dropped if necessary because they only affect
particular, uncommon hardware.

Thanks for doing this. We should be doing more of these status reports in the last couple of months towards a new release.

You might want to look at the status of


This appears to be hardware specific. If it can't fixed, the workaround should be documented in the common bugs page.

Workaround is to boot with "pci=nomsi,nommconf"


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