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Re: Packaging doc/xls-files?

Use OOo and convert it to ODF. Then package the resultant ODF, and make note of the conversion of the documents in the RPM changelog. That is what I do, though I haven't yet released my packages containing these documents...

On 10/26/07, Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov gmail com> wrote:
Hello All!
Trying to package one software piece I found that there is one
*.doc-file between documentation. There is also its html-source
created with Microsoft Word so I may simply drop non-standard file
format in this particular case, but what should someone do later in
such cases? Are any RFC's or policies for handling such situations?

I personally vote against proprietary doc-format, but we include some
software to deal with so maybe its just my personal paranoia.

With best regards!

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