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Re: Can Netbeans 6.0 beta 2 or higher make it's way in the fedora repo?

Le samedi 27 octobre 2007 à 23:50 +0200, Mark a écrit :

> So now that it's GPLv2 i'm hoping that it can be added to the fedora
> (7, 8 and up) repo? 

The problem with netbeans has never been the license but the whole
difficulty of packaging it. A rich ide like netbeans has dependencies on
pretty much every bit of the java stack, and sorting them is hard.
There's been several half-hearted attempts to package it @jpp (by sun
and others),


but so far no one has been persistent enough to keep netbeans packaged
by fixing the spec every release.

The root problem being of course SUN only acknowledged it needed shared
java components last year (and they're targeted for java 7), so all the
java dependency tracking must be done by hand in rpm specs.

Nicolas Mailhot

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