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Re: dangling symlinks in rpm packages for Fedora-devel

Le Lun 29 octobre 2007 13:30, Florian La Roche a écrit :


> here the output of a test script that checks all rpm packages
> for dangling symlinks. It does not look at an installed system,
> but only at files included within rpm packages, so there are
> a few false reports here for files/dirs created within scripts.

For each package the correct way to test would be to create a fake
root with all package deps installed and check if there are dangling
symlinks then. It looks like quite a few of your "problem" link
targets are provided by packages the "problem" package depends on.

(some of them will break over time BTW, for example dejavu ttf file
naming changed with last release)

The sane thing would probably be to require that packages that have
links pointing outside the package itself add a file dep to the
link(s) target(s), but I'm sure proponents of "yum update speed first,
correctness later" will object loudly.


Nicolas Mailhot

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