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Might Be A Problem With NM

Running F8T3, last night I did a "yum update" after not having done so
for a while (to give an idea, I had to yum update rpm* yum* to get past
yum update balking on the nodoka-gnome-theme dependency issue). After a
successful update, I tried logging in as my regular user only to block
for an indefinite amount of time with the background screen loaded and
the panel all grey.

After fiddling around with the system from a virtual console, I found
out what might be the problem. I have $HOME/Music mounted from an NFS
exported directory (via /etc/fstab). It seems as if the session startup
process blocks, prolly stat'ing the filesystem.

The odd thing is this used to work prior to my updating the system. Now,
from gdm, I notice that the ethernet connection that went up via the old
rc network script had gone down, prolly after NM started.

My question is, what should I do to fix it? Can we now remove starting
network interfaces at bootup via the old RC scripts and use
NetworkManager now?

Richi Plana

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