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Re: dangling symlinks in rpm packages for Fedora-devel

I wrote:
> Ouch, these are really bad. I don't understand what's going on here. These
> are not supposed to be symlinks, they are supposed to be loadable plugins,
> and in the F7 RPM which is built from the same specfile, they are. How they
> get replaced with symlinks not pointing to anywhere is a mystery to me. Maybe
> a cmake bug? Or some other toolchain component?

I just tried to rebuild the package for F8, but that doesn't fix anything (I 
canceled the build after i386 completed with strigi-libs still containing the 
offending symlinks). I don't understand why this happens, yet on Fedora 7 the 
exact same spec produced a valid strigi-libs (with actual plugins, not symlinks 
not pointing to anything).

Here's my build attempt (canceled due to invalid output on i386, the first arch 
which completed):

        Kevin Kofler

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