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Re: Might Be A Problem With NM

On Mon, 2007-10-29 at 10:18 -0600, Richi Plana wrote:
> Running F8T3, last night I did a "yum update" after not having done so
> for a while (to give an idea, I had to yum update rpm* yum* to get past
> yum update balking on the nodoka-gnome-theme dependency issue). After a
> successful update, I tried logging in as my regular user only to block
> for an indefinite amount of time with the background screen loaded and
> the panel all grey.
> After fiddling around with the system from a virtual console, I found
> out what might be the problem. I have $HOME/Music mounted from an NFS
> exported directory (via /etc/fstab). It seems as if the session startup
> process blocks, prolly stat'ing the filesystem.
> The odd thing is this used to work prior to my updating the system. Now,
> from gdm, I notice that the ethernet connection that went up via the old
> rc network script had gone down, prolly after NM started.
> My question is, what should I do to fix it? Can we now remove starting
> network interfaces at bootup via the old RC scripts and use
> NetworkManager now?

Have to agree this is most annoying, I wonder is it a blocker...

So machine starts spends its time getting a dhcp address just to have it
thrown away when the networkmanager service starts..

sorta sucks if you don't run X always..


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