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Re: Might Be A Problem With NM

Dnia 2007-10-29, o godz. 20:49:21 Richi Plana <myfedora richip dhs org>

> In the meantime, would a feature request to make NetworkManager leave
> the interfaces alone on startup?
It did in F8t3 (not only left it alone, but the GNOME applet correctly
showed which NIC is active), I'd call it a regression. I don't use /home over
NFS, but it's very annoying having to click the same option every time I log
in (and sometimes I do it few times a day with the devel machine, it's not
true that people don't reboot their laptops). It really needs to remember some
settings (I also want it to disable my wireless card, a useless waste of

Oh, and it looks like it's not NM that's disconnecting my network - it's
rather the applet giving NM the command upon startup.


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