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Re: Can Netbeans 6.0 beta 2 or higher make it's way in the fedora repo?

Mark wrote:
Packaging is not a free thing. It takes time energy and someone who is
going to deal with it. Most people who have packages are usually
swamped as it is... so if you see something you would like to get into
Fedora.. first check to see if someone is already packaging it, and
then volunteer to do it yourself (or help someone who can). Otherwise
its not going to happen.
Plus, there's a little fame if not fortune, and usually a few people
willing to help.

I'd be willing to be that if you can *use* netbeans, you can certainly
learn to *package* netbeans, and as an avid user, you're in excellent
position to make sure the package actually works.  :)


I can't make RPM packages from scratch so therefore i think it's best
to leave that to a professional RPM packager. But if noone else is
willing to do it than i would like to give it a try.. and i probably
need a lot of help along the way.

So is anyone up to this? or is there someone that is willing to help
me with this? i have nearly no rpm packaging experience. (i edited
specs before and compiled the package but i didn't made a spec from

I think that having netbeans in Fedora would be great, so I'm wlling to help were I can (I already maintain 170+ packages). But my java packaging experience is limited. Are there any jpackage people here who are also willing to help? Nicolas? Ville?

Also if I were you I would start with trying to get it to compile on F-8 using icedtea, don't worry about packaging yet, first just try to get it to compile and run from the released sources?

(Are the sources complete?)



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