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Re: Can Netbeans 6.0 beta 2 or higher make it's way in the fedora repo?

On Tue, 2007-10-30 at 07:40 +0100, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Mark wrote:
> >>> Packaging is not a free thing. It takes time energy and someone who is
> >>> going to deal with it. Most people who have packages are usually
> >>> swamped as it is... so if you see something you would like to get into
> >>> Fedora.. first check to see if someone is already packaging it, and
> >>> then volunteer to do it yourself (or help someone who can). Otherwise
> >>> its not going to happen.
> >> Plus, there's a little fame if not fortune, and usually a few people
> >> willing to help.
> >>
> >> I'd be willing to be that if you can *use* netbeans, you can certainly
> >> learn to *package* netbeans, and as an avid user, you're in excellent
> >> position to make sure the package actually works.  :)
> >>
> >> -Eric
> > 
> > I can't make RPM packages from scratch so therefore i think it's best
> > to leave that to a professional RPM packager. But if noone else is
> > willing to do it than i would like to give it a try.. and i probably
> > need a lot of help along the way.
> > 
> > So is anyone up to this? or is there someone that is willing to help
> > me with this? i have nearly no rpm packaging experience. (i edited
> > specs before and compiled the package but i didn't made a spec from
> > scratch)
> > 
> I think that having netbeans in Fedora would be great, so I'm wlling to help 
> were I can (I already maintain 170+ packages). But my java packaging experience 
> is limited. Are there any jpackage people here who are also willing to help? 
> Nicolas? Ville?
> Also if I were you I would start with trying to get it to compile on F-8 using 
> icedtea, don't worry about packaging yet, first just try to get it to compile 
> and run from the released sources?
> (Are the sources complete?)

Might I refer people to JPackage's packaging guidelines for Java-based
packages (which, I'm hoping, Fedora will officially adopt or, better
yet, officially defer to).




Sidenote: If or when we get around to rediscussing multi-arch packaging,
I vote that Java packages and mono be considered so that packaging
guidelines for them in Fedora can be set in stone. (Or, at least, a page
on the wiki be established that people can be referred to and can

Richi Plana

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