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Re: NFS problem after update to rpcbind-0.1.4-8.fc7

> Mike Cohler wrote:
>> I posted this to Fedora List but no-one seems able to help? Since this
>> is a problem that arose with a new version of rpcbind that was just
>> released into updates for F7, and previously all was working fine for
>> my nfs server, I am asking if anyone on this list can help, so
>> apologies for cross-posting.
>> After the recent rpcbind update in F7 I cannot restart nfs.
>> Message below:
>> # service nfs restart
>> Shutting down NFS mountd:                                  [FAILED]
>> Shutting down NFS daemon:                                  [FAILED]
>> Shutting down NFS quotas:                                  [FAILED]
>> Shutting down NFS services:                                [  OK  ]
>> Starting NFS services:                                     [  OK  ]
>> Starting NFS quotas: Cannot register service: RPC: Authentication error;
>> why =
>> Client credential too weak
>> rpc.rquotad: unable to register (RQUOTAPROG, RQUOTAVERS, udp).
>>                                                            [FAILED]
>> Starting NFS daemon:                                       [FAILED]
>> Anyone know how to fix/workaround this?
> Is selinux in the picture? If so try 'setenforce 0'
> What does 'service rpcbind status' say?

I just thought of that, it's like we're in the same mental room. . .

For reference, my updated working setup is on permissive.

> steved.
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novus ordo absurdum

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