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Re: b43 in Fedora 7

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
On 30.10.2007 13:50, Ioannis Nousias wrote:
Chuck Ebbert wrote:
On 10/28/2007 01:20 PM, Ioannis Nousias wrote:
ok, I'll wait for F8 to come out then. bcm43xx wasn't working well for me. for Fedora 7 will be pushed as an update soon, it's also here:
thanks, that's good to know. I can see it has landed in the repos already. I'll give it a go when livna updates the nvidia driver package as well (which should happen any day now).

Kmods for the latest Nvidia drivers are available for some hours from
livna already; see for example:

The other kmods except nvidia-96xx and nvidia-legacy are available as
well. The two older nvidia driver should hopefully follow later today,
once the main drivers got updated to the latest version (as only those
builds with 2.6.23).


thanks guys. Updated now and it seems to work fine, though it only gives me a 1Mbps connection. Hopefully it should be stable now. The bcm43xx was dropping the connection all the time.


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