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KDE logout options with F8


I installed F8 Test3 some time ago and since then I am on rawhide. I am using 
KDE and ever since the installation I miss the shutdown and hibernation 
options (buttons) in the KDE log out dialog. There is only the end current 
session button which is leading me to back to the login screen from where I 
then can do the shutdown. Of course the shell shutdown and kshutdown both 
work as alternative.

I would really appreciate to get those buttons back. Is it because of the 
rawhide packages or is there something messed up on my notebook? (What could 
I do in the latter case?)

Furthermore I sometimes observe for some seconds the standard gnome gdm login  
screen (the blue one with the yellow flower) appearing after I optioned for 
shutdown at the infinity (kdm?) login - ...

Beside this I must say its really nice how everything works!


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