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Re: RadeonHD driver status

> Actually, sample set of more than one. I have two machines I directly
> maintain that use the RadeonHD where Avivo was garbage. Additionally,
> there are others I help maintain or advise on.
> Also, I don't think Avivo should be discarded yet, though from reading
> around, it is going to be a dead end, supposedly. But, RadeonHD
> shouldn't be left out either.
> Just because I didn't give my sample size (which the above is as close
> as you will get as I cannot give specifics, for privacy reasons, of many
> machines I work with/on), doesn't mean I am some brain-dead "me too" or
> "your dumb" person.

This is the Internet, it looks like a me too and it smells like a me too
I consider it a me too, providing info on the type/range of cards tested
etc is useful.. saying avivo broken radeonhd not is not useful as we
also have ppl saying the opposite...

Red Hat and Fedora are contemplating the future wrt to AMD r5xx cards,
all options are going to be looked at, there may even be options that
you don't know about yet..


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