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Re: KDE logout options with F8

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Tue, 30 Oct 2007 22:21:34 -0400
Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com> wrote:

Sure, here you go: a display manager is a security sensitive piece of
code. Shipping multiple just because their names start with a letter
you don't like is not a smart move, because you end up doing twice the
security errata.

And doing every feature twice (face browser, etc..) or having different
feature sets that confuse and anger users.

Face browser feature already exists in KDE and since upstream is doing the work, it isn't a additional burden for us and users are already pissed off about losing basic functionality like a shutdown button.

Like I said, KDE spin already has KDM as the default. If someone is explicitly selecting KDE in the Fedora DVD image, it is safe to assume they are aware of the differences and provide them the display manager that matches their desktop environment better.


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