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Re: KDE logout options with F8

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Matthias Clasen wrote:
On Wed, 2007-10-31 at 07:44 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Besides my point was that if users select GNOME they should get GDM and if users select KDE, they should get KDM. Is anyone willing to respond to that?

Sure, here you go: a display manager is a security sensitive piece of
code. Shipping multiple just because their names start with a letter you
don't like is not a smart move, because you end up doing twice the
security errata.

We are already shipping multiple display managers in our repository and KDM is already the default if you use KDE spin of Fedora. Only in the Fedora DVD, is GDM the default. The security argument only applies if we aren't shipping the package in the repository at all. As it stands, we have to provide a security errata if there are security issues in KDM anyway. So what matters here is only what is the default.

If you read why this thread started, it is because there is a regression in functionality if GDM is the default in KDE (ie) users lose the shutdown, hibernation buttons etc. Dismissing that regression by saying that it merely because of a letter is ignoring a actual problem.


My 2 cents.

1) Isn't it a bug that shutdown/hibernate options aren't available in kde using gdm? 2) Isn't the issue not whether gdm or kdm gets installed (kdm will also be installed with kde desktop group), but which one is set to run on booting.
3) I agree that avoiding xdm is a good idea.
4) If we change so that user ticking kde group install get kdm on boot, what happens if user has ticked both gnome and kde. It's perfectly legitimate to have a computer where different users use gnome, kde, xfce, etc. So GNOME/KDE desktop installation isn't always an either or option. They're not mutually exclusive.

Is it a kdebase or gdm bug that the shutdown options aren't available from a kde session with gdm as manager?


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