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Re: KDE logout options with F8

On Wed, 2007-10-31 at 08:13 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

> > Well, it still applies, as an argument for not shipping it in the
> > repository at all...
> Please be realistic. I doubt if you would agree to KDM be the default 
> display manager for both desktop environments and dropping GDM instead. 
> What you are suggesting is never going to happen. KDM is going to be in 
> the repository and we are going to be doing security erratas anyway. 
> Hence the security argument is completely irrelevant for what should be 
> the default.

I didn't say that it applies only to kdm. We could for instance, apply
it to xdm...

> I didn't see anyone claim that the buttons used to work with GDM by 
> default. Can anyone recall if that claim if it happened was true? 
> Besides there are more differences in between KDM and GDM than merely this.
> > How exactly did we get from "there is a bug in the interaction between
> > gdm and kde" to "omg kde uses a program that starts with g, that can't
> > be correct" ?
> Like I said, the letter or name is not a problem. You are bringing up a 
> false argument repeatedly. There is a actual regression in functionality 
> and there is inconsistent behavior between the Fedora DVD image and the 
> KDE spin too.

Make up your mind, please. If you don't believe that it used to work,
then it is not a regression. 

It is still a bug, and should be fixed, of course. Just like the
corresponding bugs in the interaction between kdm and gnome, since, as
Jesse pointed out, relying on kde working with kdm and gnome working
with gdm doesn't buy you anything on systems which have both kde and
gnome users. 


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