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Re: OOo .odt files - open with Java by default

I never install Sun Java. These problems crop up in a default Fedora install for me.

On 10/30/07, Jonathan Underwood < jonathan underwood gmail com> wrote:
On 30/10/2007, King InuYasha < ngompa13 gmail com> wrote:
> I have had this problem since Fedora Core 4. Ever since GCJ and OOo 2.0 were
> included in Fedora, this specific issue has cropped on my computers all the
> time. The strange thing is that only OpenDocument files are considered Java
> Archives. None of the other archive-based formats supported by OOo have this
> issue as far as I can tell.

Actually, I think it's a nasty side effect of installing the Sun java
stack and java-1.6.0-sun-compat- from jpackage rather
than an OOo problem.

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