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Re: KDE logout options with F8

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Rahul Sundaram (sundaram fedoraproject org) said:
Then perhaps instead of suggesting we change many years of established
behavior ON THE NIGHT OF THE FINAL FREEZE (in ways that don't work, even)
you may want to work on investigating the actual bug?
I already discussed in a bug report in Red Hat bugzilla many months back IIRC that was ignored and I never suggested that we change this immediately for Fedora 8. Since KDE spin already has KDM as the default, there isn't much of a chance for a regression but we can do this in the Fedora 9 branch just to be safe if that is a problem.


Or, you know, you could investigate the actual bug. Which is easily found
in both the KDE and GNOME bugzillas, where you can find out that it's because kdebase is pointing to the wrong location for the GDM fifo, and
note the one line patch in the KDE bugzilla that fixes it, apply it to
CVS, and build it.



Kubuntu guys may have a patch?

Do you have link to KDE bug, because I couldn't find any gdm mentions in kde bugzilla.

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