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Re: KDE logout options with F8

Kevin Kofler wrote:
lexual <floss <at> lex.hider.name> writes:
1) Isn't it a bug that shutdown/hibernate options aren't available in kde using gdm?

It is, it has been fixed now.

<monty burns>Excellllent!</monty burns>
2) Isn't the issue not whether gdm or kdm gets installed (kdm will also be installed with kde desktop group), but which one is set to run on booting.

Yes. But not installing GDM in the first place would make booting do the right thing automatically, so that would be one way to do it.

3) I agree that avoiding xdm is a good idea.

Are you suggesting throwing out all the lightweight WMs too? How's XDM any different?

No. There is a difference between kicking something out of the archive, and installing it by default.
4) If we change so that user ticking kde group install get kdm on boot, what happens if user has ticked both gnome and kde. It's perfectly legitimate to have a computer where different users use gnome, kde, xfce, etc. So GNOME/KDE desktop installation isn't always an either or option. They're not mutually exclusive.

Then they get a global default, probably GDM. (It's what happens now if both GDM and KDM are installed, which is part of what causes this issue, the other part being that GDM is always installed by default.)

Disclaimer: I'm a Fedora newbie, and clueless to how much of it works.
Here's my idea.

Could this be fixed in comps.xml ?
e.g. the british language support group has conditional requires like the following:

<packagereq type="conditional" requires="kdelibs">kde-i18n-British</packag
<packagereq type="conditional" requires="koffice-core">koffice-langpack-en

I think I'm right in writing that the only desktop option on DVD are gnome & kde (don't think xfce is on there). So could the gdm dependency in base-x group be a conditional one on having gnome installed?
Is it a kdebase or gdm bug that the shutdown options aren't available from a kde session with gdm as manager?

GDM made a change which broke KDE, Bill Nottingham has patched kdebase to match the new GDM now.

        Kevin Kofler

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