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Re: KDE logout options with F8

On Wednesday 31 October 2007 03:14:41 am Rahul Sundaram wrote:
RS> Besides my point was that if users select GNOME they should get GDM and
RS> if users select KDE, they should get KDM. Is anyone willing to respond
RS> to that?

From my (user) point of view there should be an easy end user option of choice 
which of either gdm or kdm one wants to use (and not manipulating or creating 
a file somewhere) maybe during installation or better even always having the 

Beside this I think that even more preferable would be that gdm would also 
work perfectly together with KDE which seems according to Sebastian Vahl not 
really be the case:

SV>To get the buttons to show up you have to use kdm as your loginmanager.

(what if I prefer gdm because its more beautiful?)


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