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Re: linux1394 and f8

Will Woods wrote:
On Wed, 2007-10-31 at 13:46 +0000, Peter Robinson wrote:
I am running 7.92, and I see that the new firewire stack is in place.
There is a page at the linux1394 wiki that suggests that kernel
packagers build the old stack into the kernel for the time being:


Any chance of this happenign for Fedora 8?

Short answer: No. We've been using the Juju stack since F7 and we're not
moving back, 'cuz Cutting Edge is what we're all about. But see below.
Right below where it says the best advise is to use the old drivers it
also says :

Building the new drivers is only for advanced users (who for example
want the better speed of firewire-sbp2 relative to sbp2, on the
hardware on which the new drivers already work) - and for distributors
who know what is required in userspace to make use of the new drivers
(i.e. a patched libraw1394, a libdc1394 prerelease, adapted scripts
and config files etc.).

I suspect "distributors who know what is required in userspace" covers
Fedora and hence the required patches are probably all there.

Right. Kristian Høgsberg is the primary author of the Juju stack - he's
a Red Hat employee and Fedora contributor. He got all the Juju bits into
F7 - the "new firewire stack" has been in place since then.

So nothing's really new for firewire in F8. The only noticeable changes
since F7 are some bugfixes, and some changes relating to dvgrab,
libraw1394 and isochronous devices (basically cameras and other
audio/video devices).
Iso devices should work everywhere *except* machines with OHCI 1.0
controllers. Otherwise you get this message in dmesg:

firewire_ohci: Added fw-ohci device 0000:03:03.0, OHCI version 1.0
firewire_ohci:     Isochronous I/O is not yet implemented for OHCI 1.0
firewire_ohci:     Cameras, audio devices etc. won't work on this
controller with this driver version.

Unfortunately, these turn out to be more common than previously thought.
But people are actively working on this problem - see this bug:

It's possible this will be fixed in an F8 update. It's quite likely to
be fixed for Fedora 9. If that's not soon enough, I'm told there's some
third-party repositories out there that package up the older stack.

Correct, most notably planet ccrma (AFAIK)



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