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Re: linux1394 and f8

On Wed, 2007-10-31 at 09:28 -0400, Doug McLain wrote:
> I am running 7.92, and I see that the new firewire stack is in place. 
> There is a page at the linux1394 wiki that suggests that kernel 
> packagers build the old stack into the kernel for the time being:
> http://wiki.linux1394.org/JujuMigration
> Any chance of this happenign for Fedora 8?

Axel Thimms (of ATRPMS fame) is distributing an ieee1394-kmdl package
which, I think, is compiled to use the old stack. They are doing it
because MythTV is incompatible (read: doesn't work) with the new
firewire stack. The only unfortunate thing is that he is distributing a
"libraw1394" package (which collides with a package on Fedora) in order
to provide support for the kernel module. I have suggested using a
different name for the package and placing the library in a different
directory (to be loaded by mythtv with LD_LIBRARY_PATH), and hopefully
that will fix any conflicts with Fedora.

(I just checked and they don't seem to be doing it for F8 but you could
probably grab the src.rpm and compile it and update it for your kernel.)

Richi Plana

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