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Re: KDE logout options with F8

Christopher Aillon wrote:

since there are people who might want to run any display manager with any desktop environment. Meanwhile, throwing around accusations instead of looking at what KDE maintainers as well as users want in Fedora is counter productive. Just a while back I was accused of having an agenda against KDE [1]. Now I get accused of having an agenda towards KDE [2]. I guess, the next one to follow would be XFCE [3]. Others would accuse Red Hat of crippling KDE and the routine will continue. Next time, don't wonder why.

Which has what exactly to do with my post? This is not the first time you've included seemingly random points in replies to people in this thread.

Feel free to point out what you consider "random" points. I think I have only discussed related things.

 You've confused various community members, which is counter
productive. It could also be a contributing factor to the hostility.

I don't see which community members I confused. My point is that there should be a common understanding that putting GDM as default for KDE users is not merely about naming. It is about functionality and integration that we are lacking due to our choice of defaults. It might indeed be the case that the KDM maintainer is not being co-operative but the lack of integration continues to affect our end users and we are getting blamed for that. What are we going to do about it if anything? Is there any distribution besides Fedora continues to have GDM as default for KDE (in the DVD image) despite KDE maintainers not wanting that?

Being a former board member, if you have any issues that need conflict resolution, you should know of better places to direct them to than mailing list flame wars.

If you are suggesting private mails, my experience has been that they often go unanswered even after reminders.


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