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Re: KDE logout options with F8

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
My arguments have remained purely technical so far and please do point out where I have expressed any hostility. It seems the other way around to me.

I'm seeing it expressed in both directions, though you might not be aware of it. For instance, complaining to me about how other people suck and are accusing you of having various agendas is a form of hostility toward the other people, and when you brought it up in the direct mail to me which had no relation to my post, I'm reading it as:

"This idea seems great, but stop accusing me of stuff. Others were too. If we suck, it's no wonder why". This immediately puts me on the defensive as I'm wondering what I said to provoke this reaction from you.

Again, you are a former Fedora Board member. Please find better places to express your dissatisfaction(s). In other words, knock it off (not just you). I'm tired of the bickering, and this is detracting from the main point I was making:

We are looking to have a more neutral backend. This is good for both KDE and GNOME.

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