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Re: KDE logout options with F8

Christopher Aillon wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:
I wasn't complaining to you btw. Just explaining my perspective.

Which you'd already done elsewhere in the thread. Several times. No need to bring it up again, is all. It's like you were looking for someone to get back into the flame war with.

I have no such motivations or hidden agendas. Period. When I am accused I am merely forced to ask why, defend myself and explain the details. If anyone still thinks so, please explain to me why offlist and let's stick to the relevant discussion here.

If your first reaction had been to ask for more information instead of add complaints, I might have mentioned that the plan is to have this for F9 (I think so at least, someone can correct me if I'm wrong?). Not sure if that counts as long term...

If the plan is to have this for Fedora 9, that information could have neutered this thread long back. No one said that so far.

It is a reasonable request. Can you accept reasonable answers? Notting and jkeating have already replied with technical analysis explaining why it is not possible. If you have more knowledge than they do about the crazy way anaconda and comps works, and can refute their knowledge, please do on technical terms. Note: "I, on behalf of the KDE SIG, think we should be able to do this" is not technical.

I personally requested this and not on the behalf of the KDE SIG but KDE SIG themselves have said they wanted this as has been pointed earlier in the thread and I have already replied in detail on what could be done earlier and there has more information posted from others on how to work this out technically. In case, it was not clear, move GDM to the GNOME group. XDM should be in the Xorg group. If anyone installs just the Xorg group, it is a corner case and we don't have to worry about them getting XDM and TWM. Yes, both are ugly, lack functionality etc but power users doing such things can afford to deal with this. It brings in better functionality and integration for both GNOME and KDE users which is the large majority of desktop users.

Besides, we already know it's not going to happen for F8. And F9 we could in theory have a better all around solution....

Let's see.


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