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Re: KDE logout options with F8

Kevin Kofler (kevin kofler chello at) said: 
> > - You're interested in pushing a different agenda
> The "agenda" he is "pushing" is the position of several KDE SIG members and the 
> closest thing to an official KDE SIG position you'll get unless you want us to 
> hold a vote.

Right. All I was saying is that I was interested in solving the bug being
referenced; I don't think it was unfair to say that Rahul was advocating
something else.

>From a practical standpoint, I don't see how this is easily fixable. On a
broader scale, the combination of choosing KDE + multimedia, or KDE + office,
isn't going to get you the same package set as the KDE livecd either, and
that really can't be fixed in the comps file.

Shipping xdm as a default anywhere doesn't make sense because of the large amounts of
functionality you lose (including being able to actually pick different sessions,
whether they be KDE, GNOME, XFCE, fluxbox, etc.). So, I would say that GDM should
remain the default in base-X. In the case where the user installs just KDE, they
can just check off gdm under X, and the right thing should happen.


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