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Re: Summary of the 2007-10-30 Packaging Committee meeting

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Jason L Tibbitts III (tibbs math uh edu) said:
* Standardizing the set of virtual provides for various servers:
  * Accepted (5 - 0)
  * Voting for: spot rdieter abadger1999 tibbs f13
  * There is still tweaking to be done, and because this will require
    changes to several packages, FPC is asking that this be driven via
    the feature process for F-9.

Changing these concerns me - what about not-built-in-Fedora packages that
have the old dependencies?

Should we change this:
In my opinion (PatriceDumas) the choice to remove the smtpdaemon virtual provides in Provides or leave it for backward compatibility should be left to the maintainer. All the Requires should be changed, however.
to be more definite?  Maybe:

When you implement the new Provides, please leave the old ones so that third party packages that have grown to depend on them can continue to function. The Requires for all Fedora packages should be changed to use the new provides by F-9, however.


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