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Re: Kerberos Integration (Was: Fedora Crypto Consolidation Project)

On 9/1/07, Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net> wrote:
> We all know active directory is just kerberos+ldap, we've been shipping
> kerberos & ldap infrastructure for years (and the fedora directory
> server is supposed to be even better), and yet somehow few (if any) ever
> use it.

Let me tell you my experience.  Around the first of this year, I
decided to use kerberos+ldap to manage the machines in my research
lab.  After spending hours reading documentation and experimenting
with kerberos and ldap separately, I got everything configured.  It
was only then that I discovered that libuser doesn't support

Not wanting to waste all that time, I eventually went with the
solution to be found at http://jjames.fedorapeople.org/libuser/ (note
to libuser maintainer: there is likely a bug in libuser that can and
should be fixed; see that URL for a hint).  However, there don't
appear to be any warning signs anywhere telling people to watch out
for the kerberos+ldap+libuser combination.  At least, I've never seen
any.  Have you?

I didn't try Fedora Directory Server; if I'm reading the web page
correctly, I went through all this in the month before it hit Fedora
Extras.  The question is moot now since I no longer manage a research
Jerry James

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