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Re: iwl3945 - kill switch issue - how do I contribute

Valent Turkovic wrote:
Hi, I have HP nx7300 laptop with Intel 3945ABG wifi card.

It doesn't work under rawhide and I get a message after loading
iwl3945 module that my RF Kill Switch is ON even if it is OFF !

maybe you are just confused here
killswitch ON means card OFF
killswitch OFF means card ON

btw works for me (iwl3945; kernel-; hw killswitch)

does your card have an software or hardware killswitch?
also what do you mean by "device list" does networkmanager not detect it?
I submitted patches for upstream hal to support iwl3945/4965 and ipw* killswitch so that nm works with them (patches are in hal 0.5.10-rcX which is in rawhide).
Where can I contribute my time and feedback? It fedora-devel an
appropriate mailing list or should I go upstream (where is iwl3945
project page?!?) ?

If you want to bring it upstream post to ipw3945-devel

please stop using ! and ?!? all over the place try to be objective.

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