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Re: ubuntu bulletproof x

Jeff Spaleta wrote:


More importantly he said in that very posting that you qoute that
using the inf information in the specific case being looked at in the
thread didn't actually solve the issue.

Which part of the message says this?

 Because the information in the
inf file is not sufficient to correct the issue being experienced. And
that's the main thrust here in this thread.

Again, please elaborate.  I'm not seeing this at all.

What I see is this-

>> building monitors that "just work" will get that reputation, and
>> be rewarded...  and those that don't... Well, they'll learn or perish.
> And... market forces being what they are, the manufacturers
> You think Dell is going to perish?  I'd put my money on the
> opposite.  I'll go as far as to claim that Dell could probably
> make their monitor EDID information random numbers and only
> affect their sales slightly if at all.

Well..  That may be true for other reasons.  Windows drivers look
at the shipped .inf files, or the .inf files fetch off the internet.

They are heavily invested into the Windows market:  it's a large part
of their sales share.  But assuming they weren't:  shipping bad EDID
information would be a real hit for them.

and this

> Even if such monitors are rare, they're not so rare when they're
> shipped by one of the largest computer manufacturers in mass
> volume.  Even if only 10000 users experience such a problem, that
> is about 1000 bug reports to wade through from angry users who
> have hardware that "just works fine in Windows, and in all previous
> X releases".

Ok....  so... we should come up with a .inf file parser... :-(

Inf information is not sufficient.  Mr. Jackson is working to solve
the issue of dealing with hardware detection, even working around
broken EDID, in a more general way..as part of the ongoing Xorg
development process.

Another technical aspect, that I can point out regarding my understanding of Mr Jackson's point is this-

His solution involves the user selecting generic monitors based on resolutions.

I would argue, that there is (perhaps only valid for the users ubuntu is targeting) a signifigant number of users, that don't want to

a) try to figure out the exact model number of their monitor
b) figure out the exact resolution their monitor supports

when if they could instead just pop the windows driver cd that came with the monitor into the cdrom.


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