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Re: ubuntu bulletproof x

Arthur Pemberton wrote:
On 9/2/07, Douglas McClendon <dmc fedora filteredperception org> wrote:

[ snip ]

And perhaps, if fedora actually respected ubuntu, and kept up with their
advances, rather than exclusively playing catch up, they wouldn't be
having their asses handed to them.

What exactly are you talking about? Besides the fact that Fedora and
Ubuntu aren't in competition, you seem to have something in mind.
Please share.

Fedora and Ubuntu aren't in competition?

You really don't think there are a significant number of linux users, who make a choice between installing and using fedora, vs installing and using ubuntu?


I'll admit that every project/enterprise can be a non-zero-sum game where users are attracted that were not previously using a similar product/project. But to claim that there is no competition for users between fedora and ubunutu is ludicrous, IM-not-as-humble-as-it-ought-to-be-O.

Yes, I know redhat has learned well from microsoft, that the way to be
successful is to let others do the expensive trailblazing, and then only
copy the trails that led to success, rather than those that led to

Feel free to ask some kernel maintainer how much Canonical contributes
to the kernel.

And what percentage of lines of code in fedora is the kernel?

kernel != distro.

I'm not saying you don't have a valid point. But in the open source world, where everybody is sharing yesterday's work equally, because that is the beauty of it, the question is "what have you done for me lately?"

It would seem... that going by the number of users ubuntu is pulling in, that they have been doing something for their users. Something that IMO, fedora would be wise to respect and emulate. I don't care if you disagree, that is just what I think. Note, I don't mean emulate to the point of changing what fedora has learned to do right, over it's long history. I just mean that ajax's original response, sounded an aweful lot like "these ubuntu folks are just marketing work that we did". When in fact, after a little digging at the real issue, it becomes apparent that in order to make something "bulletproof", you have to be willing to do some things that for perhaps quite valid reasons, ajax and fedora seem quite unwilling to do. (i.e. use data from inf file on windows driver cd, at the expense of that tactic lowering the pressure on monitor manufacturers to not ship monitors with non existent, or non working edid implementations).

I have no problem with that attitude, I think it is
intelligent.  But please, this is just a mailinglist where people
routinely talk about blowing goats.

That's way beyond an exaggeration.

Yes, but it was kind of funny wasn't it :)

So don't tell me to STFU like the
rest of the people on this list can't handle the signal/noise ratio.

I can't. There's way too much noise on this particular thread.

And you are participating, rather than ignoring it because...?

I presume you do use a threaded email reader? Or at least can visually ignore a topic based on subject line?


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