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Re: Windows based installation of Fedora Linux?

King InuYasha wrote:
I'm talking about using a fully Win32-based installer to install Fedora into
a disk image file and then run firstboot onward from the Linux side. I guess
that would mean extending anaconda yet again to include more

Whether you put the logic in a (non-anaconda) fully win-32 based installer, or anaconda, or firstboot, it has to go somewhere.

I think that the ideal answer would be the ability to modularize things like timezone selection, so that they could be easily moved between anaconda and firstboot (as has been mentioned in other recent threads).

Basically the configuration has to happen somewhere. You can either ask the user

a) in windows, during install
b) in firstboot
c) in anaconda running on the installed system
d) assume and install a default configuration (i.e. like what people see on the livecd currently), and make sure the user knows the system-config-* tool to change the default.

I'm not really partial to any of them. I say hack together a proof of concept asap, and then work on whatever seems to be the lowest hanging fruit for improving the user experience.


On 9/2/07, Douglas McClendon <dmc fedora filteredperception org> wrote:
King InuYasha wrote:
I dunno about booting a RW version of the livecd ext3 image and then
installation that way, it might be simpler just to go ahead and do
installation but instead to a file on the Windows partition within
Simply to not have the redundancy..... It could invoke firstboot

My theory, was that it would be less work to get ananconda to handle
that*, than it would be to port anaconda to windows.

Again, this is only from the perspective of allowing the user to
download an installer in windows, and then reboot straight to their
installed linux, without the intermediary step of burning a bootable
install cd, and booting from it.

From the perspective that I think you are talking about, of just doing
a 'normal installation' (e.g. download bootable installable iso, then
boot from it), it is indeed much simpler, and perhaps just a matter of
ressurrecting functionality that existed many years ago.


* (especially if for personal rebootless reasons I was going to do most
of the foundation work anyway)

On 9/2/07, Douglas McClendon <dmc fedora filteredperception org> wrote:
Jonathan Steffan wrote:
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King InuYasha wrote:

I recently discovered a very interesting project called Wubi (
http://wubi-installer.org/) which permits installation of
Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu to a disk image file on a Windows drive and
makes the
appropriate boot entry changes to allow booting to Linux from the
file in the Windows partition. Ubuntu Gutsy plans to add it to the
methods of installation, and I was wondering what you guys think
having something similar in Fedora?

This would be neat and I've looked into it before. From the Virtual
FUDCon, I've taken that a user needing a windows installer is not in
target audience (at least not right now.) With regards to making it an
"unofficial" installer to prove it's viability, I'm all for it. Fedora
sponsored/official live images were sparked by community initiative, a
'from windows' installer might be an example in the future. I don't
particularly like the way Wubi gets things done, but give the concept
merit. I'd look at helping to do something similar, but using anaconda
to do the install among other changes.
I think this is merely a matter of ressurrecting a long-dead feature.
Wasn't anaconda historically able to install to a file on a vfat

Naturally during those dark ages when a RW ntfs driver was unavailable,
and the vast majority of windows users used ntfs rather than vfat, this
was not possible.

The instant that an rw-ntfs driver was in fedora, I was drooling in
anticipation of this feature returning.

Of course, having a native win32 installer would be pretty cool too,
all the reasons wubi is doing it.  Interestingly, I can see a simple
win32 installer that just installs the livecd ext3 image as is, and
lets you run anaconda from an RW version of the livecd image once
rebooted into linux.  In fact, the changes to get that incarnation of
anaconda to do the right thing, are nearly identical to the changes I
have been kicking around to support rebootless installation.  (i.e. the
stuff anaconda tweaks neads to be the stuff from /, and not

bwa ha ha....


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