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Re: ubuntu bulletproof x

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On 9/2/07, Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com> wrote:
Perhaps you missed some very important points in this specific url you
posted. First of all that post is from Mike Harris, who was employed
by red hat at the time of that post. So approximately 2 years ago at
least one redhatter, who was working with Xorg upstream development
was thinking hard about this problem.  This is noteworthy and
significant concerning the history of developing a solution in the
problem space. Again I'll point out that Mike references the same inf
parsing script that Adam referenced.

Correction.... I should have said:
the thread from which your url comes from.
I've inadvertently confused things with my mis-statement.

Start reading the thread from:
and that should provide enough context.

I still remain unconvinced. In this post, Mike Harris is not claiming that the info from the .inf file is *NEVER* useful. Only that in this "particular" case, it is of no help.

In fact, I find his use of quotation in 'or "can work" in X' to indicate that he understands that what he is saying is not an absolute.


In general, you can expect that just because something works in
Windows, doesn't mean anything about wether or not it works in
X, or "can work" in X, because the source code for the driver
in Windows is not the same source code for the driver in X.

You can make the drivers in X do anything they can do in Windows,
by fixing the driver to not have bugs.

What I read from that is *NOT* that there is *ZERO* potential use of linux reading .inf files. Maybe that is how you read it.

Again, I have a feeling that you and I are arguing far too much about something that is outside each of our areas of expertise. But again, when people say something like this to me-

Okay.... here is where the conversation stops.

I tend to not shut up.

I feel that even my 'speculation' was valid content for this mailinglist, and you stated otherwise. I disagreed. Good night.


Though you are free to read
all of the thread
starting at:


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