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Re: My 2 cents on the whole Fedora to succeed as global wide deployed desktop are...

Martin Sourada wrote:

If we ask him do-you-want-to-turn-cups-hal-hcid-services-on kind of
question then yes. If we ask him do you have notebook, desktop or
server, than it is right to ask him.

Whether a system is a laptop or not can be detected by the installer. Desktop/Server usages can be quite fuzzy and you can't really determine which services to run based on such simplistic questions.

 And having these three different
platforms means different needed services. Which precisely are these
need not to be known by the person who is questioned. But there are also
services we cannot know if user will need it or not, but still has such
names, that user cannot guess for what they are. Cups is one example.
Many users do not want this by default (they don't have a printer
connected to their PC), but others do, even if they are just ordinary
users, knowing nothing about services. If we ask them, do you want to
turn printer support on, he will know the answer. That is my point, I
hope it is clear enough.

Cups and many other services can just be started on demand. Look up Dbus system activation.



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