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Re: My 2 cents on the whole Fedora to succeed as global wide deployed desktop are...

Stewart Adam wrote:
Yes, most ARE, but the one with services could be useful. There is a
batch of services that are useful on most of notebooks, but are unneeded
on most of Desktops/Servers and vice versa. And we'd like to get rid of
as much unneeded services as possible, so if we target the default ones
with a thought of the target platform, it would be IMHO more effective.
Maybe it could go to anaconda, but personally I think that first boot is
better place for that.
+1 - A simple list with a service's name and a short description would
be very useful, and not to mention cut boot time. IMHO there are many
services they Fedora has enabled by default which are relatively useless
for most users. The whole rpc/nfs gang of services, sendmail - Why? I
may be wrong, but I doubt that most of our users want to be running NFS
and mail servers on a default install. Besides that, running Bluetooth
on a machine without Bluetooth-capable hardware is a complete waste of

A simple example:
  [X] Laptop services
  [ ] Bluetooth - Bluetooth connectivity services
  [X] NetworkManager - Easy management of network connections
  [ ] Avahi - Zeroconf network discovery
  [ ] NFS - File sharing
  [ ] sendmail - Mail server
  [ ] SMB - Samba (Windows) file and printer sharing
  [ ] SSH - Remote shell

Laptop Services would enable cpuspeed and apmd, as desktop machines
don't really *need* those services. The rest can be enabled as the user
sees fit.

Yes I don't need cpuspeed, as I *really* like listening to the sound of my CPU fan at full speed for no good reason, I also like my powerbil being as high as possible.

I can see merits on the general idea here, but the concept of desktops not needing powermanagement is from the previous century.



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