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Re: My 2 cents on the whole Fedora to succeed as global wide deployed desktop are...

Stewart Adam wrote:

I in no way want to offend the coders system-config-services as it's a
great tool but honestly when I took my first look at it I wasn't so sure
what it all meant and I doubt new users will either. Besides being
confused about all the runlevels and things each initscript has it's own
status message and the descriptions of the services aren't always so

Duplicating s-c-s into firstboot would be pointless; I think what Martin
was trying to say was that a the services we enable now as a "just
incase" like apmd, cpuspeed, the rpc batch could go into a "Do you
actually need these?" list. A simple checkmark with clear, one-lined

Anaconda/Firstboot usually works by integrating system-config-* instead of reinventing the wheel with a different configuration tool inside the installer.

If system-config-services needs improvement, that needs to be fixed regardless of whether it is going to be in firstboot or not.


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