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Re: rawhide report: 20070904 changes

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
On Tue, 2007-09-04 at 07:45 -0500, Mike Chambers wrote:
On Tue, 2007-09-04 at 05:09 -0400, Build System wrote:

Broken deps for i386

	openalpp - 20060714-3.fc7.i386 requires libOpenThreads.so.1
	osgal - 20060903-3.fc7.i386 requires libosgDB.so.1
	osgal - 20060903-3.fc7.i386 requires libosgFX.so.1
	osgal - 20060903-3.fc7.i386 requires libosgParticle.so.1
	osgal - 20060903-3.fc7.i386 requires libosgProducer.so.1
	osgal - 20060903-3.fc7.i386 requires libosgSim.so.1
	osgal - 20060903-3.fc7.i386 requires libosgGA.so.1
	osgal - 20060903-3.fc7.i386 requires libOpenThreads.so.1
	osgal - 20060903-3.fc7.i386 requires libosgText.so.1
	osgal - 20060903-3.fc7.i386 requires libosg.so.1
	osgal - 20060903-3.fc7.i386 requires libosgUtil.so.1
	osgcal - 0.1.44-4.fc7.i386 requires libosgDB.so.1
	osgcal - 0.1.44-4.fc7.i386 requires libosgFX.so.1
	osgcal - 0.1.44-4.fc7.i386 requires libosgParticle.so.1
	osgcal - 0.1.44-4.fc7.i386 requires libosgProducer.so.1
	osgcal - 0.1.44-4.fc7.i386 requires libosgSim.so.1
	osgcal - 0.1.44-4.fc7.i386 requires libosgGA.so.1
	osgcal - 0.1.44-4.fc7.i386 requires libOpenThreads.so.1
	osgcal - 0.1.44-4.fc7.i386 requires libosgText.so.1
	osgcal - 0.1.44-4.fc7.i386 requires libosg.so.1
	osgcal - 0.1.44-4.fc7.i386 requires libosgUtil.so.1
Heh, the two programs above are really getting annoying seeing them on
the rawhide build email everyday.  Any chance these are getting rebuilt
or fixed soon?

osgcal, osgal and openalpp are victims of the OpenSceneGraph-2 API

I already had proposed an approach to keep these programs (Downgrade
OpenSceneGraph to OSG-1 and to add an OpenSceneGraph2 package), but
feedback so far had been more or less non-exitant

Thats not completely true, you did get feedback from several people including me, and I agree with Mike that these breakages are getting very annoying and should be fixed soon.

Let me repeat my solution of when you asked howto downgrade:
1) Make the main OpenSceneGraph package OpenSceneGraph 1.x again, using epoch
   to fix version issues.
2) Add a new OpenSceneGraph2 package
3) Make the devel's conflict each other if doing an other solution turns out to
   be a lot of work.




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