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Re: rawhide report: 20070830 changes

Le mardi 04 septembre 2007 à 11:02 -0600, Richi Plana a écrit :

> What about jpackage.org? I've often relied on them for Java packages
> anyway since they're purists over there (which means, for now, more
> reliable). Have they given word on how they're going to handle icedtea
> and if there's to be packages for F7?

jpackage should certainly ship icedtea in theory. That it will is
another thing altogether - due to the immense majority of the jpp
packages being noarch, I don't think the project ever evolved an
efficient arch-specific rpm workflow.

That being said, JPP is a community project too, so what it does is
primarily determined by the contributions of its members. Anyone with
sufficient time and energy can change the jpp roadmap through

Nicolas Mailhot

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