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Re: Services automaticly change firewall rules to open access to themselfs.

Le Mer 5 septembre 2007 10:32, Nigel Metheringham a écrit :
> How about each service dropping a config snippet (as a separate file)
> into something like /etc/sysconfig/service-firewall-rules and having
> a setting on the firewall config GUI which allowed these to be
> included in [or not].
> You could also provide an appropriately rich environment setup to
> allow all the standard requirements of basic firewall rules (ie
> interface name/addr etc).
> It would obviously take work to get this infrastructure in place.

In an handwaved perfect word, service-firewall-rules would display a
graph of the current firewall network ruleset (showing the packet flow
through blocks of rules), and services would just dump new blocks in
this graph that'd be grayed out till activated by the admin.

This is something like a SoC project though.


Nicolas Mailhot

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